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Examining Crops
Upcoming Workshops/Events

Join Rachel and chef Carrie Dodd for a monthly workshop called SmartFood, a nutrition education and foodie-approved cooking demo at Lazy Acres in Hermosa Beach. 

Future SmartFood workshops at Lazy Acres Hermosa Beach:

April 11th 6:30 pm - Calm The Nerves (Stress Awareness Month)

May 21st 10:00 am - Autoimmune & Inflammation (Arthritis Awareness Month)

June 20th 6:30 pm - Men's Health/Sports Performance

Grand Opening - Beach Life Fitness Boutique Sunday April 28th 10 am

Rachel will give a quick talk on metabolism

Free workouts and raffle!

Master Your Metaboism Workshop Wednesday May 8th 7:00 pm

Beach Life Fitness Boutique Redondo Beach

ready to get in the best shape ever?

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