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I met Rachel after having two C-sections and finding out from my doctor that I was pre-diabetic.  Together, we came up with SMART goals, which included a detailed meal plan, exercise regimen, and strength conditioning.  After three months, I lost 17 pounds, 11% body fat, and my A1C dropped from 6.0 to 5.7.  Rachel has changed my life by inspiring me and motivating me to make life changes.  I'm so grateful to her for making me healthier and stronger than I was pre-pregnancy

Leslie Nguyen

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in the best shape ever?

I didn't even realize how much I got out of the nutrition seminar Rachel led, but it has been very, very helpful.  It has been a huge help in becoming aware of my intake. It also helped me to see carbs in a different way, which I never realized before when dieting.  I never realized how many carbs fruits and veggies have and how too many carbs (vs fat and protein) can negatively impact body composition.  The program was a game-changer for me.

Carly Griffo

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