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Meet Rachel

You can hang out and learn from Rachel in the Functional Wellness & Weight Loss Community, where she goes live every Wednesday at 12 PT sharing tips to help you uncover what holds you back from losing weight and feeling vital.  

Rachel Rotabi holds certifications in personal training, nutrition coaching, and functional medicine. She is a mom of 2 and a "reformed medical device professional." Rachel specializes in helping busy women uncover what really holds them back from being able to lose weight - things like stress, nutrient deficiencies, hormone imbalances, and gut health issues, in addition to fine-tuning their exercise and nutrition programs.


She created an e-book called Master Your Metabolism, which teaches how to eat and exercise to lean out, and also what to talk to your doctor about if the scale refuses to move.

Rachel developed the FUEL Nutrition Coaching Program for Afterburn Fitness in Manhattan Beach, CA and co-created the SmartFood Nutrition & Cooking workshop at Lazy Acres Natural Foods in Hermosa Beach, CA. She is the resident functional health coach for the Advanced Regenerative Medical Center and Beach Life Fitness Boutique in Redondo Beach, CA. Between these programs and group and 1:1 coaching programs she has run on her own, Rachel has touched the lives of hundreds of women.

For more than 10 years, Rachel worked in the medical device field, helping cardiologists treat heart disease. She left the field in 2014 to pursue her passion: bending the healthcare cost curve, one client at a time. She experienced fertility issues and hypertension due to stress, and stress management is a focal point of her health coaching practice.

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