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Eat for Immunity

6 night meal plan + bonus recipes to help you get key nutrients in every day to boost your immune system

Insulin Resistance

Dr. Ava Azimi and I discuss insulin resistnace: what it is, how it affects our immune system and our ability to lose weight, and what we can do about it

Quarantine Workout Series

6 home workouts utilizing your body weight, dumbbells, and a kettlebell to keep your fitness on track.  Includes video demos!

Podcast Features

In this episode of On the Brighter Side, Monica Tanner & I chat functional medicine & boosting our immune systems

Assess Your

Immune Strength

Fill out this online assessment, and I will email you back individualized feedback on how to improve your immune strength

Coaching Application

Is now the right time for you to learn what holds you back from losing weight and improve your long term health outlook?   Fill out this short form so we can chat!

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