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ultimate goal: client empowerment

Heart & Hands
  • Rachel does not want to keep you as a client for eternity.  By helping you build new habit, one at a time, she will empower you to create a healthy balanced lifestyle

  • There are no failures – only opportunities to learn and grow.  Rachel takes partial ownership in all failures and successes of her clients.  There are always new learning opportunities - she seeks to get better as a coach with each client she works with!

  • By reinforcing positive behavior and choices, and offering continual accountability in reaching your goals, Rachel provides encouragement to her clients on a daily basis

Whole foods diet, tailored to each client’s health status

  • Our body is designed to use whole, minimally processed foods for optimal nourishment.  We need all of the macronutrients and a variety of micronutrients in order to thrive.  Rachel educates her clients on the role all of these play in living a daily life where you thrive. 

  • Each client is a unique individual; goals and emphasis are customized to maximize client results.  This is a pillar of functional medicine/functional nutrition.  Nutrient deficiencies can play a role in “dis-ease” in the body, eventually leading to a number of chronic conditions. 

  • If you have a medical condition or health concern, Rachel is happy to help you advocate with your healthcare provider to get what you need to thrive.  Having worked for 10+ years in the medical device field, she knows the type of data physicians use to make their clinical decisions, and how to communicate with physicians about just that. 


data driven.jpeg
  • We'll start with understanding client goals and baseline nutrition status, using objective criteria like measurements, nutrition status (labwork), body fat percentage, etc

  • Then create a plan to continue moving forward, using qualitative measures like body fat percentage, perceived energy level, etc. 

  • For online clients, we track all progress in ProCoach, where we can both keep track of progress over time, using a proven platform that has helped over 100,000 people meet their health and fitness goals

ready to get in the best shape ever?

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