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I see you, Mama.  The summer of sacrificing your "me time" for the family.  Cramming work in between summer camp drop-off and pick-up.  Out of your regular workout and eating routine.  Maybe worried about how that next checkup with the doctor is going to go.  I'm sure it was all fun and worth all the fun summer memories with the kiddos. 


But now that the kids are Back to School, let's get Back to You!  How are you doing?  Maybe it's even been a while since anyone has asked you.  I'm here to help you fit some self care back in your busy life.  Because to be the best mom, we need to be fill up our own tank a little bit!​

During this FREE five day virtual mini-retreat, I'll help you:​
  • Re-ignite your motivation to take better care of yourself, to get rid of the frustration of feeling crabby, out-of-shape, or exhausted

  • Carve out a little "me time" to fill up your tank, so you can give to all the people who need you with a happy heart

  • Re-write the story of what has made you fall "off the wagon" in the past, so you can break through the next level of achieving your health and fitness goals

  • Balance the energy you put into your body with what you put out with ease, so you can begin finally getting a handle on your weight, no matter how little time you have to work out

  • Create a well-laid-out plan to continue your progress, so rather than going back to the same old routine, you're able to finally make sustainable changes to improve your health and fitness

Ready to get
Back to You?
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Mom of two littles, functional nutrition coach, and certified personal trainer.  

I help women just like you find the space within their busy lives to destress and put systems in place to make a healthier lifestyle easy.  Because the last thing we need is one more thing to stress us out!  

Whether your goal is to eat healthier, lose 10 pounds, or make your doctor really proud of you at your next checkup, I will be your biggest cheerleader and empower you to meet your goals.  

Let me show you how!

Hi, I'm Rachel Rotabi
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