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Let's uncover what really holds you back from

losing that weight.  

You've tried everything.  Eating all the right things.  Starving yourself.  Exercising like crazy.   But still, the scale refuses to budge.

You feel frustrated, defeated, embarrassed at the person staring back at you in the mirror, and not sure what to do next.  

What if I told you that sometimes, there's more to weight loss than counting calories and tracking macros?  Using functional medicine, we can uncover what holds you back from achieving your health and fitness goals.

to kickstart your health & fitness with my free

Master Your Metabolism guide

Hi, I'm Rachel

Mom of two, personal trainer, nutrition coach, and functional medicine practitioner.  As a busy mom with a husband who travels, I understand how hard it can be to make healthy living a reality.  In fact, last year, I pushed myself into hypertension, then using my knowledge, reversed it.   


I'd love to show you how to find the space to take care of you again, achieve  your health and fitness goals, AND learn how to stay that way.  

Are you ready to fit back into your skinny jeans, regain your energy to conquer your day, and learn some things to help you uncover might be holding you back from your weight loss goals? 


Click here for the free

Master Your Metabolism guide!

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